Empowered: Micro Review

If you are an IT leader or in Product Management, Marty Cagan’s Inspired is a must read. And so is his follow up book — Empowered which he has co authored with Chris Jones.

Similar to Inspired, his new book is a lot of chapters (80+). And similar to Inspired, its a quick read because each chapter consists of few pages but is also engaging since its full of information, advice and experiences.

The book is also divided into 10 parts and Marty covers various aspects of Product Management in each of these parts — product leadership, empowered teams, coaching, staffing, product vision & strategy, team topologies, business collaboration and case studies.

The way the book is written, you can jump into certain chapters / topics that interests you and jump around. Some of the material is not super original but the authors make it up through relevant examples, case studies and comprehensive coverage in terms of topics/concerns of product management. Another bonus — leader profiles of various product managers in the tech industry keeps it real.

I would say at a minimum, its one comprehensive place for new and upcoming product managers and product owners to read about the trade. I would recommend every new product manager or owner should read through both this book as well as his previous book Inspired to get a baseline on what product management is all about.



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