Project to product: Micro review

If you are in Enterprise IT, you are probably already aware of the buzz words such as “Projects to Products” and “Digital Transformation”. And chances are you are in a middle of one.

If so, I will highly recommend this book by Mik Kersten — “Project to Product”. I ended up highlighting every other page in the book as it resonated and hit close to heart. A lot of them were common pitfalls we all fall for. Mik goes through many case studies and examples (BMW, Nokia, a large bank, Microsoft, Equifax etc.) and his learnings on why digital transformation works or not.

A lot of material out there talks about “Projects to Products” but this book went into so many practical aspects/implications of it that I have not seen discussed as comprehensively elsewhere.

Mik introduces his flow framework which is designed around delivering to value streams. And though value streams in DevOps have existed for a while, this is the first formalized framework that I have seen which looked practical and tailored for software development. A must read. I will post nuggets from the book in a separate post.

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#mustread #transformation #products #agile

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