Teaming to Innovate: Micro Review

Another great book by Prof. Amy C. Edmondson (who formally introduced me to the concept of psychological safety in her book The fearless organization). Though I have not read “Teaming” on which the book was based, this was a very engrossing and quick read and you don’t need any pre req reading.

While Bruce Tuckman’s model talks more about how a team comes together long term in their journey from forming to performing, Teaming is a model where the teams come together instantly (or have to come together) as in an emergency room. But its also a great framework for creating teams that can drive innovation.

Prof. Amy’s recommendations are around how to enable effective teaming and is summarized as follows: Aim High=>Team Up=>Fail Well=>Learn Fast=>Repeat. Each of these recommendations are covered by her through stories, analysis and recommendation. There is a big connection with both analyzing and learning from failure and psychological safety.

Its a recommended read and its a very quick read and it will leave you wanting for more. But there is more :)

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