Unfinished: Micro Review

I typically don’t do reviews for memoirs. That too for a celebrity. But I will make an exception for PC or Priyanka Chopra. And now I have to be really careful as to what I say next (my wife is a die hard fan) :)

I am not a huge fan of all of Priyanka Chopra’s acting roles but she is definitely one of my favorite celebrity personalities. She is smart, an accomplished actor, very versatile talent and very very strong female role model.

Her memoir is a little premature and she realizes it and thus has aptly named it “unfinished”. She definitely has many more illustrious chapters that are yet to be written.

Unfinished was a engaging read for couple of reasons for me

  • There was a personal connect. As a child of late 80s and 90s growing up in middle class India, lot of her early stories resonated with me. Some of her personal experiences of loss as well as some her experiences moving to USA struck a chord as well.
  • Its an intriguing behind the scenes account of some major milestones in her illustrious life starting from her crowning of Miss India to her current stint in Hollywood. Literally in her own words.

PC has come a long way from her humble upbringings in a middle class family in India. And its a great story. And the way Priyanka tells it, it comes across as genuine and honest.

Although, there are no big bombshells. No huge reveals. Well, maybe a few reveals but not surprising ones. And no insight into the vulnerable side of PC. The book primarily focuses on her achievements and triumphs.

At the end of the day, it was a quick and engaging read. If you are a fan, don’t miss it. If you are not, still will be worth it.

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