Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: Micro Review

Does your strategy needs a strategy? Apparently, Yes. If your are interested in strategy frameworks, you will know that there are quite a few popular ones. Here is a tool that the authors created to navigate the history of strategy frameworks — History of Strategy.

I was intrigued about this when I read the HBR article written by the authors a few years ago. So I decided to pick up the book recently.

The authors propose a meta framework classifying all the strategies that they could list from the beginning of time :) They list the following types of strategy and explore the same in the book:

  • Classical: Your business environment is predictable
  • Adaptive: Your business environment is highly unpredictable
  • Shaping: Your environment is high-growth and constantly changing
  • Visionary: You need to reinvent your self.
  • Renewal: Growing with constrained resources

The article above as well as their website gives you a good flavor of their ideas. The book itself delves into the details of the above strategy palette with an approach for each of the above. It ends with advice for leaders on creating and navigating their strategies.

Its an interesting read if strategy is your cup of tea.

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